Product Name: Mouse Pad

Embrace and reflect the loving intentions offered on this mouse pad. These intentions are also included on Intentional Serenity apparel:
I am safe!
I am strong!
I am confident!
I am positive energy!
I am enjoying financial freedom!
My life work is deeply fulfilling!
I am enjoying a wonderful serene life!
I am physically fit and at a healthy weight!
I live a life filled with peace, passion and joy!
I am surrounded by meaningful loving relationships!
I am thankful for the abundance and bliss unfolding in my life!
-Teena Dietz


I Live a Life filled with PEACE, PA...

ARTwork by mARTii (Peace, Passion & Joy)

I am deeply connected and empowered...

ARTwork by mARTii (Connected to my Creator)

I am Healing

ARTwork by mARTii (I Am Healing)

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Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand. Cinese proverb

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