I am exercising 3 times a week by February, 2009.

I am earning $120,000 per year.

I am going to find a career that I love by 2009.

I am going to build a business with Body Talk by 2010.

I am going to be open to a fulfilling relationship by Nov. 2009.

I am going to have an awesome new adventure by 2009.

I am going to make more time for me by 2009.

I am going to be part of a cancer support group by 2009.

I am going to travel and love life by 2009.

I am going to sell my company to Warren Buffet by 2010.

I am going to fall and stay asleep all night without worry by 2009.

I am going to finally lose 60 pounds by 2009.

I am remodeling my home by Spring 2009.

I am going to be a mother of 2 healthy kids by end of 2009.

I am going to be financially free by 2010.

I am hoping to get it "together" by 2010.

I am going to survive by 2008.

I am moving somewhere warm by 2013.

I am becoming healthy, strong and pain free by end of the year.

I am providing a place for people to heal and grow by ongoing.

I am going to help others model by today!

I am selling my jewelry in 3 boutiques by Dec. 2008.

I am going to be credit card debt free by 2011.

I am earning a pink cadillac by 2010.

I am going to travel to Bora Bora by 2013.

I am going to be financially independent by 2012.

I am a mom with 5 children.

I am the president of the country.

I am saving the world.

I am a teacher.

I am a doctor.

I am a fisherman. I will catch a shark.

I am a bookwriter.

I am sharing my wisdom and talents by 2009.

I am making a 'Wenheh'  garden by 2009.

I am graduating by 2012.

I am creating peace by NOW.

I am very successful by 2012.

I am becoming a mother by 2009.

I am building a school in Malawii by 2010.

I am a bright star blessing the planet daily by 11/08.

I am a free, loving spirit in mind and body by Aug.

I am changing the world by NOW

I am going to continue exercising by now.

I am going to travel and do more medical missions by 12/09.

I am going to focus on a healthier diet by now.

I am going to play more with my kids by 4/08

I am going to keep exercising by next year.

I am living a vibrant and healthy life by Now.

I am going to start living this life by Now!

I am going to be fit by 7/01.

I am wanting to walk more.

I am going to take Intentional Serenity to Hazelden Women's Units by 1/09.

I am successfully working for the universal highest good by 11/08.

I am a confident, faith-filled woman by 1/1/10.

I am really and truly LOVE by 10/09.

I am free to be who I am by 10/09.

I am learning to be in the moment and enjoy it by NOW.

I am coming back to Minnesota in August by 2008.

I am wealthy beyond my means, I am I am by 2009.

I am part of Intentional Serenity Team by 2008.

I am going to improve my health by 2008.

I am going to find financial success by 2008.

I am going to make a difference in the world by NOW-beginning today.

I am going to Dominican Republic by 2009.

I am at Peace by now.

I am letting my light shine by giving by 2 months.

I am physically fit and living a life filled with hope, love and contentment.

I am stepping into God's plan for my life by Immediately.

I am at peace - free of grief by 2 months.

I am free to be the genuine and fabulous person that I am.

I am shining my inner light by now.

I am creating my own path by currently.

I am fixing up 2 houses for family to live in by January 2010.

I am happy and healthy and getting on my feet by May 2009

I am climbing Crazy Horse Mountain by June 2009

I am spending quality time with Bill by October.

I am spending quality time with my loving husband by Next Week.

I am free of any fear of failure by Today.

I am free of illness and live in health by Today and Always.

I am confident and strong by Today.

I am healed and whole by October, 2008

I am loving myself by Today

I am thinking All positive thoughts about myself by October.

I am in a job I love by Nov.


I Live a Life filled with PEACE, PA...

ARTwork by mARTii (Peace, Passion & Joy)

I am deeply connected and empowered...

ARTwork by mARTii (Connected to my Creator)

I am Healing

ARTwork by mARTii (I Am Healing)

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