Bonnyville newspaper article…. As a woman from a small town, it was very exciting to bring my work and passion back to Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada. There was a group of 30 women gathered at “Take Care Therapy” to share dreams, tears and laughter. Together we shared the intentions in our hearts, wrote them down on paper, created Intention Boards and as such our lived began to shift. Our lives were transformed together!



Sandra Yancy Interview :

Sandra Yancy is one of my mentors. She started a company called eWomen that is internationally known with over 150, 000 members. Sandra found the courage required to answer the life calling upon her heart. She literally was without power and water before she received the break she needed in the form of a financial investor for eWomen. She is authentic, loving, a mother, a wife and as down to earth and real as any one I know! I will be back on her show on December 10th, 2009.

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This video captures the authenticity of my spirit and my true desire to “Be the Change that I wish to see in the World.” I share the Poem, “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson as it changed me the day I first read it…may it inspire you to share your light as well!

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If you're a member of the media or you're interested in speaking opportunities with Intentional Serenity, please contact:

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I Live a Life filled with PEACE, PA...

ARTwork by mARTii (Peace, Passion & Joy)

I am deeply connected and empowered...

ARTwork by mARTii (Connected to my Creator)

I am Healing

ARTwork by mARTii (I Am Healing)

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