Our faith-driven spirit and talents empower others to live their lives with purpose and passion.

It is our intent to help others realize the abundant possibilities that lie within them, so they may reflect that positive energy, joy and serenity on those around them.

In this way, we truly believe we are BEING THE CHANGE.



To empower our community, we bring Intentional Serenity to shelters, churches, schools, team-building events and non-profit organizations by helping them step into their authentic selves.

Often, participants discover long-forgotten passions or dreams. Many times, they simply see a light of hope of things bigger and better to come – it all starts with an intention to believe in themselves. We merely provide the moment and the encouragement to move forward. Our programs access all senses. The dreams of the heart are expressed first on paper, shared with other participants and turned into a collage of dreams. We have seen countless times how sharing dreams and having them validated by a supportive group, can literally have a life-changing effect - one brilliant soul at a time.

We serve to encourage and empower others in their quest for a serene life through presentations, retreats, tea parties, positive affirmational books, clothing, jewelry and individual life navigational sessions.

We humbly wish to thank the following organizations for allowing us to share serenity with them: Camp Get-A-Well-A, Feed My Starving Children, Metro Hope’s Healing House, The Lewis House, Greater St. Paul Prayer Breakfast, Pine Grove Academy, Virginia Piper Breast Center, Alexa’s Breath of Hope, Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center, E-Women Foundation, Compassion International and more.

We believe that we ARE our possibilities, and that everyone can live with joy and intention. We whole heartedly believe that “when one of us succeeds, we ALL do”. We ask that you come as you are and we know that you will leave inspired.



I Live a Life filled with PEACE, PA...

ARTwork by mARTii (Peace, Passion & Joy)

I am deeply connected and empowered...

ARTwork by mARTii (Connected to my Creator)

I am Healing

ARTwork by mARTii (I Am Healing)

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Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit. Baltasar Gracian

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